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Admiral Fire & Safety

Concord Trucks/Abbot Downing

E G. Moody & Sons

Gibson Fire Apparatus

Lacey Body Company

New England Truck Company - NETCO

Providence Body Company

The Sealand Corporation

American Locomotive Company ALCO

Continental Fire Trucks

Farrar Company

Gowans-Knight Company

Maxim Motor Company

O.F. Kress

Ranger Fire Apparatus

Woods Engineering Service

Blue Ribbon Auto and Carriage Company

D.E. McCann & Son

Fore River Shipyard

James B. Filleul & Son.

Maynard Fire Apparatus Company

P.E. Cleary & Company

The A.F. Robinson Company

Zabek Fire Apparatus

Combination Ladder Company

Dingee Machine Company

Garrison Engineering Corporation

Knox Automobile Company

Middlesex Fire Equipment Company

Pope-Hartford Manufacturing Company

The E.J. Murphy Company

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