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Mobile Museum

The expanded Mobile Museum was presented at the SPAAMFAA National Muster in Warwick, Rhode Island, in July.  The Museum featured three exhibits.  The first was “New England’s Great Fires.”This was an expanded version of the exhibit that was first presented at Stockbridge, Massachusetts, last fall.The second was a much expanded version of “Made in New England,” which also had been featured in Stockbridge. The third was a new exhibit called “New England’s Pioneering Adoption of Motor Fire Apparatus.”  This explored the period from 1907 through the early 1920s when New England had the greatest concentration of fire apparatus manufacturers as well as the greatest concentration of motor fire apparatus in America. 


The Board of Trustees are planning for an even better Mobile Museum for 2024.  If you have a fire service group event or another community event that involves local history and you would like to learn more about how to have the Mobile Museum at your event, please contact the Mobile Museum Director.

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